Self-Assessment Survey from the The KPI Institute’s Global Performance Audit Unit

The KPI Institute has recently launched an online platform for its audit division, the Global Performance Audit Unit (GPA Unit). Its purpose is to provide integrated performance audit solutions through rigorous research, education and diagnosis.

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Understand more about the strategy and performance audit services in 3 simple steps:

1) Watch the introductory videos
2) Fill in the free Self-Assessment Survey for a preview of your performance management capability in five practice domains:
Strategic Planning
Performance Measurement
Performance Management
Performance Culture
Employee Performance Management

The questionnaire serves as a perception indicator for your performance management capability: it reflects on the status of instruments, processes, the results and impact across organization.

3) Download the sample reports generated as outputs from the service delivery

Why is the strategy and performance system assessment important?

“Measuring the organizations performance management system maturity is critical throughout the lifecycle of implementing such a project, especially in its inception, to find the best line of improvement where the organization has to work on as it gives guidelines of where it has to direct its focus and build its capability. GPA Unit, The KPI Institute audit division, as a very specialized organization, has done an excellent job of developing the framework in a very detailed form, which reflected the best practices in the field. I am extremely content to collaborate with them and I look forward to adopt their maturity assessment model in all the organizations that I am affiliated with.” Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Mahmoud (Dr. 3M), Founder and CEO MILE


If you are interested to learn more about the GPA Unit Services fill in the online form.

The KPI Institute March 10th, 2017 Press release