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Our team is comprised of highly respected specialists that bring to the table a diverse range of academic backgrounds. Being certified professionals and practitioners in their field of expertise, they can assess the maturity level of your organization’s performance management capability and offer cutting-edge solutions for improvement.

  • Adrian Brudan

    General Manager of GPA Unit

    Adrian Brudan is the General Manager of The KPI Institute EMEA Region, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators research and education.

    Adrian is an expert researcher, practitioner and consultant with 7+ years of experience in the deployment and implementation of KPI Management Frameworks. He has been involved in designing and delivering the Institute’s KPI educational programs, aimed at competency development in the area of Performance Management and Measurement.

    Adrian is specialized in organizational performance measurement and management capabilities assessment using internally researched and developed performance management maturity model frameworks.

    As an educator, Adrian has facilitated tens of training courses and advisory programs on performance management subject matters in multiple industry settings ranging from oil & gas industry, utilities and healthcare to airline industry. Part of the KPI Institute research analysts team since its inception, Adrian was involved in several international projects reviewing performance management architectures for clients in Australia, South- East Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

    As a consultant, Adrian holds valuable experience both in Performance Management, and Project Management. His expertise and knowledge range from the implementation and review of performance management architecture, to KPI Scorecards and Dashboards design.

  • Andreea Vecerdea

    Chief Operating Officer

    Andreea Vecerdea is the Chief Operating Officer at The KPI Institute.

    As Chief Operating Officer, Andreea is in charge of initiating and overseeing operational effectiveness initiatives that improve operations execution at all levels.

    As a consultant, Andreea holds valuable experience in performance management, as she was responsible of supervising the Performance Management System implemented in The KPI Institute, and she reviewed a number of Performance Management architectures for international clients.

    As a Master Trainer certified by The Association for Talent Development, USA, she facilitated training courses and workshops dedicated to performance management, and she held webinars and participated as speaker at several international Conferences.

    As a research analyst, her activity materialized in the documentation of over 500 KPIs from 16 functional areas and 25 industries and the development of publications: ”The KPI Compendium”, “The KPI Dictionary” and ”Top 25 KPIs” Report Series.

  • Cristina Tarata

    Head of Research Programs

    Cristina Tărâță is the Head of Research Programs at The KPI Institute.

    As a consultant, Cristina was involved in multiple projects for implementing a performance management system based on Balanced Scorecard at strategic, operational and individual level. Among representative clients, there is mentioned the Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund, VM Finance Group and Mongolian Productivity Organization.

    As an auditor, she coordinated the performance management audits for Nordea IT Group, MEFIC Capital, King Saud University Medical City and Financial Audit Dubai.

    As a Master Trainer, certified by Association for Talent Development, USA, Cristina facilitates training courses built upon the use of KPIs at strategic, operational and individual level: more than 500 hours of training delivery and workshop facilitation, +30 webinars delivered and 1 online asynchronous training course. She is specialized in designing synchronous learning and e-learning training courses.

    Her professional experience is completed by attending international conferences, both as a participant and a speaker, such as: The HR Directors Summit 2016, The Supply Chain Analytics Conference in 2015 and The 15th HR Shared Services Summit 2014 in Chicago.

  • Alin Sonda

    Head of Performance Audit Services

    Alin Sonda is the Head of Performance Audit Services at The KPI Institute.

    He is an experienced professional with over 10 years of experience in the banking sector. He acquired numerous skills in sales and project management, as well as monitoring and improving performance in working with retail and corporate accounts. As a sales coordinator for key accounts, Alin has developed the sales strategy, monitored products performance and trained consultants to deliver great customer service.

    For more than 3 years he was an Internal Auditor, gaining an analytical perspective on operations and valuable insight on risk assessment and auditing methods and procedures. As an auditor, he holds valuable experience in the design and implementation of internal processes to properly identify and assess risk and compliance with regulations and reporting requirements. His expertise and knowledge range from auditing and risk assessment to operational and overall performance improvement.

    Alin’s academic qualifications are in the field of Business Administration, where he has a bachelor’s degree. He performed additional coursework for professional development in Sales, Presentation Skills and Coaching, Financial Analysis and Internal Auditing, Risk Management and Fraud detection, investigation and prevention.

  • Tudor Modruz

    Strategy Manager

    Tudor Modruz is a Business Research Analyst at The KPI Institute. His research activity in the Performance Management field has resulted in the documentation and revision of over 1000 + Key Performance Indicators examples from 15 functional areas and 24 industries.

    Some of Tudor’s most significant research programs have resulted in the development of a catalogue of indexes, used for measuring organizational transparency, sustainability and openness towards stakeholders, through the following indexes: # Performance Transparency Index, # Communication Openness Index and # Sustainability Index.

    Besides documenting and reviewing KPIs, his research activity in the Performance Management and Organizational Development fields is complemented by contributing with research articles for PERFORMANCE Magazine, The KPI Institute’s online magazine dedicated to strategy and performance.

    Tudor has also been actively involved in many performance management implementation projects from governmental and non-governmental entities, as a result of his training and knowledge of the performance management field.

    As a facilitator, Tudor developed and delivered training courses on selecting and documenting KPIs, managing individual performance, as well as facilitating the “Building a Performance Culture-FNER” workshops both in Sibiu, Romania (2015) and in Dubai, UAE (2016). He delivered not only a training session or a workshop – he offered the attendees an entire transforming experience to achieve the desired level of performance.

    His professional development is completed by attending conferences, not only as participant, but also as speaker: The 21st International Economic Conference 2014, Sibiu, Romania; Performance Management in Romania 2015, Sibiu, Romania; Performance Improvement and KPIs Conference 2016, Dubai, UAE.

    Tudor’s academic qualifications are in the field of Business Administration, where he has a bachelor and a master degree. His studies are completed by a Certificate in International Business and Management Studies offered by Saxion Hogescholen Deventer, The Netherlands and a Tourism Activities Manager License issued by The Government of Romania.

  • Marcela Presecan

    Senior Research Specialist

    Marcela Presecan is a Senior Business Research Specialist for The KPI Institute.

    As a senior researcher with the KPI Institute, Marcela was involved in international projects for implementing performance management systems based on the Balanced Scorecard framework at strategic, operational and individual level. Marcela contributed to the development of performance management architectures from various industries including: government, healthcare and finance. Important consultancy projects worth mentioning in this respect include: MEFIC Capital, King Saud University Medical City and Ajman Executive Council. In 2016, during the Performance Management Conference in Romania, Marcela co-facilitated a Masterclass Program on” Developing an Integrated Performance Management System within Modern Organizations” and a workshop on “Building a Performance Culture: Aligning Employees to Organizational Strategy”.

    In terms of professional expertise, Marcela has a 5-year background in financial services and retail banking. Throughout this period, she was involved with the use of financial indicators and performance indexes to facilitate client account management and financial advisory. Throughout her engagement with The KPI Institute Marcela has contributed to the coordination and release of the Top 25 KPI Reports – 2016 Edition. Moreover, Marcela was involved in the coordination and release of the Performance Management in 2014: ASEAN Special Edition report, while also being a part of the editorial team for multiple research publications including: The KPI Dictionaries Series, State of Employee Performance Management, GCC Hospitals Performance, State of Performance Improvement and Key Performance Indicator Practice Report, as well as the Performance Management Magazine.

  • Raluca Vintila

    Instructional Design & E-Learning Coordinator

    Raluca Vintilă is a Management Consultant and the Instructional Design & E-Learning Coordinator at The KPI Institute.

    Besides her academic and professional development, her involvement in designing educational programs is what recommends her the most. She coordinates the design and development of face-to-face and online learning solutions, related to competency development in the area of performance management.

    As an educator, Raluca has delivered training courses, workshops, conference presentations, business simulations and webinars related to the use of KPIs in the organizational context and performance measurement & improvement to professionals from a variety of domains, such as telecommunications, education, oil & gas and transportation. She has trained over 3000 individuals.

    She has accumulated a high level of experience in guiding professionals and practitioners in their journey of Implementing Performance Management Systems based on KPIs. Some of the most significant projects are Organizational KPI Selection for Riphah International University (Pakistan) and the in-country training program for Productivity & Quality Practitioners for Asian Productivity Organization (Mongolia).

    She has conducted conference workshops and presentations on topics, such as: Key Tools for Strategic Planning; Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Measurement, learning, optimization; Performance measurement: From strategy to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); KPI Selection Techniques.

    Raluca has delivered webinars on several performance management topics like: KPI Documentation, KPI reporting and the decision making process, best practices in working with KPIs, team management, succession management, 6 Pillars to improve organizational performance, KPI Selection techniques.

    Some of the most significant conferences she has attended are the following: Strategy Leaders Forum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2014) dedicated to Strategy Execution and the Balanced Scorecard; HR Directors Business Summit in Birmingham, United Kingdom (2016).

    Raluca has a double Master’s degree qualification, in Management and Education. Her studies are complemented by several projects in public and private organizations, dedicated to the evaluation, analysis and development of performance within these organizational entities.

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